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[Eng Ver.] infinite comic EP.48 “Umbrella.” Eng Trans: mintsupicha

girl’s day ft. their new member

so 4 more

In my mind, the word "success" are two things
The things that I am supposed to do
and the things I want to do.
In between there stands Gulliver.

the era of cuteness minah has returned


nom nom nom

Bangtan Discography Masterlist


Please consider this discography a never ending work-in-progress that will be updated fairly constantly as new tracks are released and more pre debut work comes to light.

I should just preface this by saying that along with official releases there are many tracks that…

Person: *insert insult here*
Me: Well, you got no jams



“@BTS_twt: 여러분 4…0.0… 일 입니다 으하!!! 짱 
기념해서 사백일 삼행시 갑니다
사 사랑래요 아미
백 번 말해도 부족해염
일 일…….
커쥬 오마이걸~~~
일은 여러분이 채워주세요 무튼 사랑합니다
아미 pic.twitter.com/Sr1dmNrTrm

"Everyone, it’s our 4…0.0…th day euahh!!! The best; to celebrate it, I will do an acrostic poem for ‘400th day’: 
4 (sah)- Saranghaeyo (I love you) A.R.M.Y
hundredth (baek)- saying that a hundred times is still not enough
day (il)- day…….
cuz you’re my girl~~~ please fill in the ‘day’ for me. Anyways, I love you A.R.M.Y”

Trans by ArmyBaseSubs
Please take out with full credits.

that bubble gun gives minah life

If you didn’t like Bang Minah before, you love her now

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